Current Issue

The Harvard Journal of Hispanic Policy (HJHP) is the oldest student-run academic journal at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government (HKS), and one of the premier publications in the nation focused on the public policy issues that impact the U.S. Latina/o community.

This year’s theme is “Behind the X: intersectional latinx perspectives”. Volume 31 highlights timely policy issues at the intersection of different Latinx identities, offering a perspective on the challenges and opportunities of various groups within the Latinx community.

What’s inside Volume 31?


  • Lasting Latinx and SOL, by Bethany Adamski



  • A Path Forward for Arizona: Amending the In-State Tuition Policy to Include Undocumented Students, by Rodrigo Dorador
  • Environmental Racism and Latino Farmworker Health in the San Joaquin Valley, California, by Magali Flores Nunez
  • The Guiding Hand of Counsel, by Juan Rocha
  • Latinas are Equipped for the Cooperative Movement, by Kateri Gutierrez
  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Cardi B Jump through Hoops: Disrupting Respectability Politics When You Are from the Bronx and Wear Hoops, by Amanda R. Matos

Featured Articles

  • Examining Teacher’s Awareness of Immigration Policy and Its Impact on Attitudes towards Undocumented Students in a Southern State, by Sophia Rodriguez
  • Open Borders: A Progressive Imigration Guide Star, by Drew Heckman
  • Abolishing the Toxic “Tough-on-Immigration” Paradigm, Felipe Hernandez