Announcing HKS Journal of Hispanic Policy Volume 31

This year’s theme is “Behind the X: intersectional latinx perspectives”. Volume 31 highlights timely policy issues at the intersection of different Latinx identities, offering a perspective on the challenges and opportunities of various groups within the Latinx community.

What’s inside Volume 31?


  • Lasting Latinx and SOL, by Bethany Adamski



  • A Path Forward for Arizona: Amending the In-State Tuition Policy to Include Undocumented Students, by Rodrigo Dorador
  • Environmental Racism and Latino Farmworker Health in the San Joaquin Valley, California, by Magali Flores Nunez
  • The Guiding Hand of Counsel, by Juan Rocha
  • Latinas are Equipped for the Cooperative Movement, by Kateri Gutierrez
  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Cardi B Jump through Hoops: Disrupting Respectability Politics When You Are from the Bronx and Wear Hoops, by Amanda R. Matos

Featured Articles

  • Examining Teacher’s Awareness of Immigration Policy and Its Impact on Attitudes towards Undocumented Students in a Southern State, by Sophia Rodriguez
  • Open Borders: A Progressive Imigration Guide Star, by Drew Heckman
  • Abolishing the Toxic “Tough-on-Immigration” Paradigm, Felipe Hernandez

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