Executive Advisory Board Leading the Way!

This has been a big year for HJHP’s Executive Advisory Board! As a journal we spend a lot of time looking outward for thought leaders and policy makers to contribute to our publication, but when we look at HJHP’s community we’re so impressed by the knowledge and experience we’re fortunate to have internally. We’ll be sharing some of these accomplishments over the next few weeks, but a few are especially timely.

DR. EDWIN MELÉNDEZ will help present a session on Publishing in the Harvard Journal of Hispanic Policy at the Inter-University Program for Latino Research Fifth Siglo XXI Conference on April 25, 2015. The conference is at the University of Notre Dame and this year’s theme is “Entre Latinos/as: Reconceptualizing Nations, Regions, and Disciplines.” Registration can be found here.

DR. CARLOS SANTIAGO will moderate a panel on “STEM Education and 21st Century Careers” at the 18th Annual Harvard Latino Law, Policy, and Business Conference on April 4, 2015. More information and registration can be found here.

DR. GLORIA BONILLA SANTIAGO will moderate a panel tomorrow (March 24) on “Alternative Models for Juvenile Offenders: Best Practices for Youth Mentorship and Prevention Tactics,” at Creating Bridges for Camden’s Youth: Juvenile Justice Concerns and Local Solutions. While this is last minute warning, you can learn more about their work here.

GRACE FLORES HUGHES was recently featured in the Economist article “A suitable box to tick” about her role in coining the term Hispanic in the 1970s.

Thank you to our Executive Advisory Board members for demonstrating leadership in action!

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